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American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Calls for Immediate Caution regarding Smart Meter Installation

Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health

For over 50 years, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has been studying and treating the effects of the environment on human health. In the last 20 years, our physicians began seeing patients who reported that electric power lines, televisions and other electrical devices caused a wide variety of symptoms. By the mid 1990's, it became clear that patients were adversely affected by electromagnetic fields and becoming more electrically sensitive. In the last five years with the advent of wireless devices, there has been a massive increase in radiofrequency (RF) exposure from wireless devices as well as reports of hypersensitivity and diseases related to electromagnetic field and RF exposure. Multiple studies correlate RF exposure with diseases such as cancer, neurological disease, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The electromagnetic wave spectrum is divided into ionizing radiation such as ultraviolet and X-rays and non-ionizing radiation such as radiofrequency (RF), which includes WiFi, cell phones, and Smart Meter wireless communication. It has long been recognized that ionizing radiation can have a negative impact on health. However, the effects of non-ionizing radiation on human health recently have been seen. Discussions and research of non-ionizing radiation effects centers around thermal and non-thermal effects. According to the FCC and other regulatory agencies, only thermal effects are relevant regarding health implications and consequently, exposure limits are based on thermal effects only.1

While it was practical to regulate thermal bioeffects, it was also stated that non-thermal effects are not well understood and no conclusive scientific evidence points to non-thermal based negative health effects.1 Further arguments are made with respect to RF exposure from WiFi, cell towers and smart meters that due to distance, exposure to these wavelengths are negligible.2 However, many in vitro, in vivo and epidemiological studies demonstrate that significant harmful biological effects occur from non-thermal RF exposure and satisfy Hill's criteria of causality.3 Genetic damage, reproductive defects, cancer, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cognitive effects, protein and peptide damage, kidney damage, and developmental effects have all been reported in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Genotoxic effects from RF exposure, including studies of non-thermal levels of exposure, consistently and specifically show chromosomal instability, altered gene expression, gene mutations, DNA fragmentation and DNA structural breaks.4-11 A statistically significant dose response effect was demonstrated by Maschevich et al. , who reported a linear increase in aneuploidy as a function of the Specific Absorption Rate(SAR) of RF exposure.11 Genotoxic effects are documented to occur in neurons, blood lymphocytes, sperm, red blood cells, epithelial cells, hematopoietic tissue, lung cells and bone marrow. Adverse developmental effects due to non-thermal RF exposure have been shown with decreased litter size in mice from RF exposure well below safety standards.12 The World Health Organization has classified RF emissions as a group 2 B carcinogen.13 Cellular telephone use in rural areas was also shown to be associated with an increased risk for malignant brain tumors. 14

The fact that RF exposure causes neurological damage has been documented repeatedly. Increased blood-brain barrier permeability and oxidative damage, which are associated with brain cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, have been found.4,7,15-17 Nittby et al. demonstrated a statistically significant dose-response effect between non-thermal RF exposure and occurrence of albumin leak across the blood-brain barrier.15 Changes associated with degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) have been reported.4,10 Other neurological and cognitive disorders such as headaches, dizziness, tremors, decreased memory and attention, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, decreased reaction times, sleep disturbances and visual disruption have been reported to be statistically significant in multiple epidemiological studies with RF exposure occurring non-locally.18-21

Nephrotoxic effects from RF exposure also have been reported. A dose response effect was observed by Ingole and Ghosh in which RF exposure resulted in mild to extensive degenerative changes in chick embryo kidneys based on duration of RF exposure.24 RF emissions have also been shown to cause isomeric changes in amino acids that can result in nephrotoxicity as well as hepatotoxicity.25

Electromagnetic field (EMF) hypersensitivity has been documented in controlled and double blind studies with exposure to various EMF frequencies. Rea et al. demonstrated that under double blind placebo controlled conditions, 100% of subjects showed reproducible reactions to that frequency to which they were most sensitive.22 Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies were shown to consistently provoke neurological symptoms in a blinded subject while exposure to continuous frequencies did not.23

Although these studies clearly show causality and disprove the claim that health effects from RF exposure are uncertain, there is another mechanism that proves electromagnetic frequencies, including radiofrequencies, can negatively impact human health. Government agencies and industry set safety standards based on the narrow scope of Newtonian or "classical" physics reasoning that the effects of atoms and molecules are confined in space and time. This model supports the theory that a mechanical force acts on a physical object and thus, long-range exposure to EMF and RF cannot have an impact on health if no significant heating occurs. However, this is an incomplete model. A quantum physics model is necessary to fully understand and appreciate how and why EMF and RF fields are harmful to humans.26,27 In quantum physics and quantum field theory, matter can behave as a particle or as a wave with wave-like properties. Matter and electromagnetic fields encompass quantum fields that fluctuate in space and time. These interactions can have long-range effects which cannot be shielded, are non-linear and by their quantum nature have uncertainty. Living systems, including the human body, interact with the magnetic vector potential component of an electromagnetic field such as the field near a toroidal coil.26,28,29 The magnetic vector potential is the coupling pathway between biological systems and electromagnetic fields.26,27 Once a patient's specific threshold of intensity has been exceeded, it is the frequency which triggers the patient's reactions.

Long range EMF or RF forces can act over large distances setting a biological system oscillating in phase with the frequency of the electromagnetic field so it adapts with consequences to other body systems. This also may produce an electromagnetic frequency imprint into the living system that can be long lasting.26,27,30 Research using objective instrumentation has shown that even passive resonant circuits can imprint a frequency into water and biological systems.31 These quantum electrodynamic effects do exist and may explain the adverse health effects seen with EMF and RF exposure. These EMF and RF quantum field effects have not been adequately studied and are not fully understood regarding human health.

Because of the well documented studies showing adverse effects on health and the not fully understood quantum field effect, AAEM calls for exercising precaution with regard to EMF, RF and general frequency exposure. In an era when all society relies on the benefits of electronics, we must find ideas and technologies that do not disturb bodily function. It is clear that the human body uses electricity from the chemical bond to the nerve impulse and obviously this orderly sequence can be disturbed by an individual-specific electromagnetic frequency environment. Neighbors and whole communities are already exercising precaution, demanding abstention from wireless in their homes and businesses.

Furthermore, the AAEM asks for:
  • An immediate caution on Smart Meter installation due to potentially harmful RF exposure.
  • Accommodation for health considerations regarding EMF and RF exposure, including exposure to wireless Smart Meter technology.
  • Independent studies to further understand the health effects from EMF and RF exposure.
  • Recognition that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a growing problem worldwide.
  • Understanding and control of this electrical environmental bombardment for the protection of society.
  • Consideration and independent research regarding the quantum effects of EMF and RF on human health.
  • Use of safer technology, including for Smart Meters, such as hard-wiring, fiber optics or other non-harmful methods of data transmission.
Submitted by: Amy L. Dean, DO, William J. Rea, MD, Cyril W. Smith, PhD, Alvis L. Barrier, MD

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The AAEM’s position paper on electromagnetic and radiofrequency fields can be found at:

AAEM is an international association of physicians and other professionals dedicated to addressing the clinical aspects of environmental health. More information is available at:

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A very busy year indeed. Here is a page we have pulled together from and for the various research teams. Our recent poll concluded the number one concern families have here locally is "where to find real news". 

This page will provide links to events, concerns, ideas and solutions that are not investigated or reported properly through mainstream news and media. presented by researchers offering  information, facts and solutions.  It is Here NOW!

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The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess and carry firearms.[1]

In 2008 and 2010, the Supreme Court issued two landmark decisions officially establishing this interpretation. In District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), the Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia[1][2] and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. In dicta, the Court listed many longstanding prohibitions and restrictions on firearms possession as being consistent with the Second Amendment.[3] In McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 3025 (2010), the Court ruled that the Second Amendment limits state and local governments to the same extent that it limits the federal government.[4]

Oath Keepers Operation Sleeping Giant: 

Awakening Veterans to Get off the U.S.S. Economic Titanic and Back OnBoard the U.S.S. Constitution.

 Below From: Expose Agenda 21 FB

 You say that there is no good reason for civilians to have AR-15's. Imagine you are in your home and you hear on the news that the government wants to further limit your constitutional rights to own weapons. Next you wonder why a country that continually starts wars all over the world and sends our husbands, wives, sons, and daughters to fight would ask you to disarm yourself. When the U.S.A. went to Europe to fight the Nazi regime, Japan decided against invading America specifically because when America sends their loved ones overseas those of us who are left are charged with defending our country and we are armed and ready to do it. History repeats itself and we remain ready for the threat even if it never happens, this is a legacy that was passed down from our forefathers and will be passed down to our sons and daughters. So stop acting like there is not a good reason for Americans to demand that the government respects their rights!

The second amendment says foreign and domestic enemies. Now why would our four fathers include domestic???? Maybe they were worried that as America grew in power that they would be infiltrated by socialist machines spouting misinformation??? Maybe they thought some one some day would try to take the power away from the people by gaining election through the promise that, “no middle income families will have to pay any new taxes”, and taxing them through social security? Maybe they were worried that natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina would devastate the landscape and force citizens to protect themselves from those who would try to gain from the tragedy. Perhaps they had the foresight to think shop owners should be able to protect themselves from the rioting masses as we saw in Los Angeles in 1992. The simple fact is Piers, if someone knocked on your door and said, “okay we are going to change everything that your country stands for because your idealism are dated and don’t fit my idea of what is politically correct”, would you pick up a rifle to defend it? Of course not because you are not an American! We take pride in our country and are willing to fight to keep our land strong!

You interview all of these emotionally shattered people who can't see through their grief and you expect the American citizens to sympathize their rights away because these people have been through a tragedy. Naturally there is a strong emotional response to the mass killings that have taken place as people relive the events through misinformed news broadcasts and outrageous treasonous legislation. However, we cannot allow these victims to make emotional decisions about our rights. I will protect my fellow Americans because that is what we do, our forefathers have passed this legacy down to every able bodied American. It is our duty to protect those who can’t protect themselves from the blinding realization that the people should have the power in a democracy. Non Americans could never understand what this duty entails because they do not have the same love of country for the U.S.A. When our government finds it necessary to waste our money by sending our loved ones to foreign lands to blow up children in drone attacks we must open our eyes and protect ourselves from these amoral leaders! We will not allow our country to fall because you think our children are not safe in their schools. No one is going to take their AR with them to the movie or to get coffee on their way to work that is not the purpose of such a weapon! The purpose is to allow the American people the piece of mind to KNOW definitively that they can protect themselves and their families from all threats “foreign and domestic”! When our presidents stop sending our loved ones into wars with other countries and alleviate the treats that inevitable come with war maybe the people won’t need the security of such a weapon.

The point is, it is the choice of the people, not the government! The government should answer to the people. I say to those who lost their loved ones in these terrible shootings, please educate yourselves. There are factors at work that you have not considered. One needs only “goggle” some of the incidents that have claimed the lives of these people and they would see the inconsistencies that exist in the facts and investigations. Do not allow yourself to be duped into submission because you are in pain. Piers will never understand the American mentality because if the British idealisms were the same as America’s we wouldn’t have a constitution because there would not have been a revolution. They do not need to understand it because it is up to American citizens to understand their rights. 
Americans are fighters; we believe that every person deserves the opportunity for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms. There is no magical sign, bill, or executive order that will make mentally unstable, criminal, or power hungry people stop creating mass panic through death and destruction of our values. The only line of defense is the individual responsibility of every American to uphold the principles that are set forth in our constitution and anyone who refuses to do so is a traitor. The powers that be are attempting to remodel our country into a socialist state that will serve to make them more money through false promises of protection. They seek to make us vulnerable to defeat by dividing our public in their times of need. There are schools where actors learn how to behave in tragic mass shooting situations; then those same actors appear when these terrible events happen to explain the details to the nation through fake tears and false information. From the bombing in Oklahoma City to the fall of the world trade center our leaders have neglected to release videos showing evidence of these men because they use these tragedies to further their control of the masses. 
These men and women should be honored; we should celebrate their lives by finding and documenting the truth. We must learn from these moments and develop fail safe systems that will minimize the negative impacts in the future. Instead we allow our grief to blind us to the facts and demand more regulation until there is no longer a country left to defend. We refuse to listen and debate because we are to hurt. There is nothing more irrational than making decisions based on emotional responses that have been fed to us by those that seek to dismantle our great nation; unless you include following laws that are passed, not through the full body of congress but by executive order in the middle of the night when there is no one present to oppose them.

I don’t expect people who are not American to understand our way of thinking; I am not naïve enough to believe that they will be okay with our decisions. It is not about their country it is about America and the principles that allow us to protect ourselves from all threats foreign and domestic. Use of US military assets by President Barrack Obama by executive order in the 2011-2012 overthrow of Khadafi in Libya was never approved by any Congressional resolution, the one exceptional case in US history. America does not support dictators and will not allow our constitution to be shredded by a regime that believes they are above the law. We will not be made vulnerable to foreign nations through false promises of protection! We will not fail the constitution and our fore fathers by allowing the government to strip us of our god given rights!