Monday, January 11, 2016

Evolve Out Loud

I am posting this because it resonates with my frequency.  I have a link at the bottom of this article to the full source and full story. Many are being called together by many different means, I am simply moving forward as I follow the Light.  Grateful you are here with me on this journey. ~Vickie Barker


The Need For Authenticity

Since I awakened in 2011, I go through periods of time where I am working on things connected to my self (which is pretty much all the time). We all are. The only difference I’ve noticed is I’m consciously aware of the evolving themes flowing in and out of my life. I’ve noticed that the themes are collective. Everyone is being presented with opportunities to grow and expand, even if they aren’t aware of it. The theme that was really strong in November was authenticity. This theme has been around for awhile. But I’ve noticed that lately it’s been really prevalent and will continue to be so.
When I watched the “Enlightened Families” video, with every family member being authentic and true to themselves in a respectful way, I couldn’t help but get excited. I have family issues myself. No one in my family is authentic — we maintain so many lies and secrets. ......

......The more I take this journey of aligning with my authentic self, the more I can’t hold back — not mean or disrespectful things either, but pretty much the truth. For me to be authentic as possible, I need to speak the truth. By speaking truthfully and being authentic, I feel like I’ve been set free from issues that have followed me my whole life, issues which stemmed from my childhood. I feel like the “Enlightened Family” video showcases what it truly means to be authentic in a world that seriously lacks authenticity. If you really want to kick your evolution into high gear, start being authentic as much as possible. Your life will get better as your align with your authentic self....

What Does it Mean to be Authentic? 

My perception of authenticity is being true to ourselves. Keeping it real in every sense of what realness is. I’ve asked myself many times, what am I being authentic to? The simplest answer I can give is, to my soul. Which I guess really isn’t that simple. But to put in plainly, it means to be in line with the true essence of what makes me amazing, the qualities that showcase greatness. I don’t mean perfection; for as long as I am human, I am perfectly imperfect. I mean being true to ourselves by saying how we feel in the moment and staying true to our word (to the best of our ability, because life happens). It means not lying, manipulating, fuelling our addictions, or doing things we don’t want to do and complaining about it later obsessively… and on and on. So many people are afraid to be authentic out of fear of what people will think of them. Well, I’m here to tell you that it honestly doesn’t matter what people think of you and your fear of this is connected to how you feel about yourself. To let go of that fear is to empower yourself with the amazingness of all that is you. One way to do that is to self-connect and fall in love with who you are. It’s an evolutionary process. At the end of the enlightened family video was Kyle’s website, which was titled very synchronistically for me: Evolving Out Loud. As soon as I read it, I got goosebumps. I immediately went to his website and watched all the transformational videos on it. I learned that Kyle is a comedian and actor. I also learned that he is totally evolving out loud and it’s amazing to be able to watch his journey. He taught me that I should be doing the same, more so than I already am. Here’s a trailer for his Evolving Out Loud show. Watch it and if you feel inspired to, read on.
After I learned more about who he is and why he started to Evolve Out Loud, I came across his 100 day Self Connection Experiment. Self-Connection is the key to becoming truly authentic. One way to self-connect is to meditate. There are many great spiritual, evolutionary, life loving expansion teachers out there and so many of them have taught me amazing things that I use to teach others. Kyle is one of those teachers for me but he is giving me knowledge I already have. It’s been buried inside of me and I’ve forgotten it over the years. He is a beautiful reminder.
Over the course of our life, we’ll have many teachers that will remind us of our inner truths that we tend to forget. His self-work truly resonates with me and I hope it resonates with you as well. Especially if you have been ready for “the next step” in your evolutionary journey or if you’ve been feeling stuck and your life isn’t bringing you happiness. I’ve been ready for “my next step.” Below is a trailer for the 100 Day Self Connection Experiment. If you want a quick link to view the trailer and all the videos of his self-connection journey to date (he’s on day 78), click here. In the video Kyle talks about how he’s not looking for followers but rather, he’s looking for co-leaders. He speaks about how we all have the power to help ourselves and live the lives we want, and self-connection through meditation, authenticity, and non-resistance is the key. Check it out!
Kyle speaks to me because he portrays this journey in such a light, warm hearted way that it’s very easy to understand and connect to what he’s talking about. Plus he’s funny. I mean, he is a comedian. His work is comedy combined with transformation, and I’m all about that. 
I feel that we need to connect to ourselves and each other more so that we can make a true difference in this world. Our planet is in turmoil, that’s apparent, but what I’ve noticed is that many people are in turmoil and crisis internally. Perhaps if we ease the turmoil and chaos inside ourselves, maybe the chaos and turmoil in our world will subside as well. Please share your truths! Speak up! Say what’s in your heart! Do no harm but take no shit! We’re all in this together. Life can be a beautiful journey and I’m excited to take that journey with all of you and all those who are willing to be with me for the ride. Like Bill Hicks once said… “It’s all just a ride.”